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Okay...I'm asking again...

I really wanna know if anyone here that hasn't sent off their stuff is going to. I need to know what to do...if I go ahead with what I have or if I wait a little longer. I know of 1 person that is going to be sending something off. I need some kind of update please.
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Yo! I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your last post.

I’m really not sure whether or not I will be sending any more squares. I WANT to, but I haven’t been able to find the right fabric in any of the local fabric stores, so I haven’t been able to MAKE any squares to send. Its very frustrating.

I’m hoping this weekend I will be able to go to the city to try some bigger places. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to find nice stuff then. If I don’t…well…I guess I may just settle for whatever I can find in the right colors, as I really want to make a square for each of the boys.

Anyway, until this weekend I wont be able to give you a definite answer. I’m very sorry T_T.
That's okay. There's no rush, I just sorta want a count more than anything.
Hey agains, sorry for the no-update last weekend. The fabric store was closed when I went so I really had no idea about the status of my squares. T_T

Went back today though and was able to get (basically) what I wanted, so yay! Will definitely be more contribution from me soon. :) Up first: Shinya <3
i might send one more off. And the chick i thought was going to do one has too much to do right now to do one;.;(well, unless i do some ass-prodding) sooo....what's the grand total?
Enough to take up 22 spaces. But one of them is for the center and is the size of 4. So there are actually 18.
Ahhh, sorry, sorry! I have had soo much to do with college and junk like that before graduation and I've had to put off the quilt making. I have two Die squares here that I'll hopefully be able to send to you - one for SURE, I just have to finish the other. Sorry I'm taking so long!
Ack, yeah, I'm guilty of the same...stuck under layers of time consuming shit :( Sorry for not posting, nor finishing sooner, ugh! I'll try to get it done pronto as my time has dwindled down to nearly 0 & it's only going to get worse, starting middle of next week x_x. Expect an update in a couple days hopefully
Don't rush yourself. I was just trying to find out if I am going to have to work it into all the cosplay sewing I'm doing that has to be finished before the first weekend of June or if I got time to wait.
OoOoOooOoOoOh! Cosplay!! I'm envious, I love masquerading (too much of a chicken when it comes to 'performing' in front of people tho)!! So much fun doing the costume/make up thing! Good luck, have fun & be sure to take some pics for us to see! :)
I will. I'm doing a really rare Toshiya with Kayla that's also a part of this little project. And then making A Filth Kyo with another friend, got one of Aya from Psycho le Cemu for another friend, and Zidane from FF9 for a guy friend. Also an original design I did that another friend is wearing. don't know if I'm gonna be doing stuff for my brothers or not...I promise to get pics though.
Hi everyone I finally joined the group^^ That also means I have no idea how to use live journal >_<

I'm just wondering if you're still collecting letters for the scrap book?
We are still taking both letters for the scrap book and squares for the quilt. No rush on either really...