PandasGallore (pandasgallore) wrote in dqp,

Ermph, helps?

For the new squares I’m working on I have to make mini versions of Kaoru, Die and Toshiya’s instruments, but I don’t want to make simply random little guitars and a bass. I’d like, if possible for them to be slightly more meaningful. Like mini version of their favorites, or even their just their newest instrument. Only problem is, I don’t know much about their guitars/basses! I see pictures every once in a while, but never with much information attached. If there’s any at all it’s usually something simple like “this was used in blah-blah pv”. Which, obviously, is not helpful in this particular situation.

So I was wondering if anyone here knows a bit more about the bands instruments? Maybe you could point me toward a fan site with lots of information or...something? Anything? T_T
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i can do one better than that.
is where they buy/have their guitars made. just check under the Diru link. they even have mini galleries of all their different models at the bottom of the page.
Eeeeeee! Awesome! Thank you so much! Do you know if they have Totchi's Bass as well, or do they only do guitars?
i found one of Totchi's, supposedly he plays these types
Killer KB - Eve
Killer KB - Stone Blue Hip Shot
Killer KB-Stone Blue Fretless
Fender Jazz Bass
Killer - Haunted 3epo
Killer- Beelze
Rickenbacker – 4003

but the only one I found was the Beelze but his is in the reverse colors of this one
Beelze Bass
he also has one similar to this but not exactly this one - also his red one with "Eve" on it looks similar to this shape
Kumovi Bass
Yay! Thank you so much! This is very very helpful!
Did you want to know about Shinyas drums??? I could look for that if you want me to, I don't know if I will get anywhere but I could try.
You're so nice @_@.

I think I’m fine for Shinya though. I’m going to have to stuff all these mini instruments inside of little pockets so I’m only making a pair of drumsticks for him; I really don’t think I’d be able to shove a full drum set in the space I have (or have the skills to make one). Although that would be cool.

You don’t think Shinya has some crazy special drumsticks with a watermark or something do you??
last time i was there, they had a thing on the main page about Totchis new bass'. i dunno if it's still up, but i know ESP makes his new ones.
You're took a bit of looking but I found it. It's nice.
Once again, thank you both so much! Took me a little while to find Toshiya’s gallery also, but I managed. This website is so entrancing…they have Gundam inspired guitars…so crazy.