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The Dir en grey Quilt Project

Quilting for fun friendship and Dir Love

Dir en grey Quilt Project
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This Community is a tempory gathering place for the people who are interested in creating 5 separate quilts .
One for each members of Dir en grey .
There will be a quilt captain for each members quilt,and you will all report to that one person ,depending upon which quilt(s) you choose to contribute to .

This community has been created as an effort to create a Dir fandom communal project(s) ,for Dir en grey.
Its goal is to involved all members of the Dir en grey fandom as equal partners in a worth while ,fun effort ,and to honor each member equally ~
(And I still would like to do the 1000 Cranes Hiroshima/Peace Dome project.For anyone interested in that ,email me )

dieseyes at yahoo dot com

For any problems or questions ,please email the maintainer of this community .

Note: this is not a place to post dir en grey fan fics, band questions, icons, banners etc -
It is just for the exchange of pertinent quilt making info between each quilt group.

Once you choose whos quilt you wish to work on ,talk to your quilt captain ,as there will be one for each quilt.
Quilt captains will post their intentions,guide lines and time limits .
Spo qiult captains please be very dilligent and conciencious in doing this all fairly and timely .
Again ~
problems-- email me ~
cha cha cha
happy quilting

Thank you