Naru (andonaru) wrote in dqp,

^^hi again. two posts in two dayso.o;

anywho^^. i want someone elses opinion. i have two shinya patterns, but they're so similar that i'm only going to do one. so which of these two is um better?

Image hosted by
the bar would be all black in of course, and i'd paint this one.


Image hosted by
which i'd probably get some fake fur and do it with that. this was really just supposed to be a doodle, but well, it came out like the one above and i like it a little more. i think.

sorry for the crappy quality^^;; i only have a digi cam.

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I think I like the second better as well. It looks like it would be more fun, with the fake fur and stuff. And you could get some little fake pearls for the crown! And yea. It'd be all embellished. You could have lotsa fun with it.

So my vote goes to #2.
ah, that's a great idea for the crown!

can you tell that it's shinya(cuz i know Kyo had a hairdo rather like that also)?
Its definitely Shinya rather than Kyo; too feminine for Kyo. Plus, I don't think Kyo would wear a crown. XD
I agree on the second's just cute! And fur...fur is awesome.

fur is good but...i dunno. everytime i try using it, it pulls up really quickly. the painted one would be a lot easier, that's why i haven't just gone with the second one.