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More help???

Since you guys are so good at providing info, maybe you can help me w/some that I was looking for some time ago, but was unable to find....

Interestingly enough, it sorta ties into Panda's request hehe

I'd had an idea involving Kaoru, Toshiya & Die's picks...but I was completely unable to find more than a couple shots of them (& boy were they SMALL). So far, all I've managed to find were: Kaoru's (white w/a skull, that simply says Dir en Grey in pink) & Die's (composite mask w/barbed wire. Incidentally, I still need a close-ups of them)...

This isn't an imperative request, but simply put, if you happen to have a link stashed w/pictures of their picks (preferably close-ups), it'd be a great help...

Lastly, if anyone happens to know specifically WHICH Gundams (which mechs), the boys (I know Kaoru, Toshiya & Kyo are huge fans, at least)respectfully, prefer, it'd be a mega-help too, thanks & sorry for eating up thread space
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